first steps

Welcome to Chatsounds!
Chatsounds plays sound samples based on your text input! Just type in a word or a sentence and see what happens. You will automatically get sample suggestions in the list below the input box.
Navigate in this list with arrow key up/down and add it to your input with arrow key right, tab or enter. You can click on a suggestion to add it as well.


Most times Chatsounds offers more than one sample for a word. You can select a specific one with "#". Otherwise Chatsounds will select a random one.



If you want to repeat a sample you can do it with "*".

yoyoko onosoco*4

multiple samples

With Chatsounds you can create a queue of samples to play. Just type your stuff in - Chatsounds will do the rest for you. If you want to make sure that Chatsounds separates your text right you can separate it with a ','

gaben at valve software dot com
hello#1,gaben,adventures of gaben*2


If you do not have any idea what sample you would like to hear you can type in "random". Chatsounds will then look for a random one.

yolomofo hellomoto,random,dont forget kawaii*2,random*10

Set a custom background


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